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Ann is the founder member of CHAT.
A group of contemporary textile artists producing regular exhibition demonstrating the group’s continuing commitment to move forward, break new boundaries and challenge preconceived ideas of textile art.  See more of CHAT www.smallCHAT.co.uk.
studio one
Studio One is a fresh and lively group of textile artists under the guidance of Ann.   The members vary in experience, are bursting with enthusiasm and intend to amaze you with their debut exhibition in 2010. This will be an exhibition not be missed, proving that amateur textile artists can put on an extremely exciting exhibition to a professional standard. For more information regarding joining the group and the exhibition please contact me.

For more about Studio One - click here.

Studio One Exhibition - Thaxted Guildhall - 19 June - 4 July 2010 10:30-5:30
natural drama experimental cut and slash
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  architecture machine
studio one net works 3d
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