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CHAT aims to
  • provide facilities and guidance for members to exhibit and sell their work in a professional manner.
  • create opportunities for the growth and exchange of ideas.
  • support each other and work as a harmonious group.
Please click here to visit our smallCHAT website - www.smallchat.co.uk
At present we are a group of 12 members who meet 9 times during the year. Presenting a completely new body of work within only one year is quite tough; so much work is done by members in the time between meetings.

The group was set up when Ann Small offered classes to embroiderers with some previous experience in 1997. She was looking for students who were serious about their textile work. She aimed to give feed back, tuition and encouragement to students to enable them to produce their own original work. The group met in Clarance House Thaxted and were called Art Textiles.

In 2001 we formed an exhibiting group and called ourselves Clarance House Art Textiles C.H.A.T. The beautiful Guildhall at Thaxted seemed an ideal place to hold an exhibition of stitched textiles.

The Small Chat exhibition runs during the weeks of the Thaxted Music Festival and gives many people their first ever experience of seeing textile art.

It had been our purpose to promote textiles as an art form and Chat have been received well by the public and we have been delighted by the comments in the guest book. The exhibition is visited by people from near and far and the artists are usually on hand to talk about their work with great enthusiasm.

The prerequisite for admission to this group is a high level of motivation and the ability to pursue themes, to research and develop on ones own initiative, therefore, before being accepted to join this group you are invited to attend an interview at which you are asked to bring a portfolio of your current work, sketch books etc.

Each year’s exhibition demonstrated the group’s continuing commitment to more forward, break new boundaries and to challenge preconceived ideas. It shows that textile art can be appreciated in a wide variety of contexts.

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